Homeowners / Property Insurance
You were probably advised to Get Property Insurance to Cover Risks

including Fire, Theft & Hurricane Damage.

Most lenders require that you have insurance protecting the property or they will place
Forced Placed Insurance which is very expensive and coverage is inadequate.

Life Insurance Can Help You, Your Family and/or Your Partner
Protect Your Loved Ones and Your Investments.
It Can Prevent Having to Sell Your Home/Property - Prevent Foreclosure. 

The Insurance Provides Funds to Protect Families and/or Businesses
Money can be Used to Pay Bills including Mortgage Payments, Maintain Lifestyle...

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Life Insurance Provides Peace of Mind.
​It Can Help You, Your Family, Your Partner

stay afloat in the event of a sudden Loss of Income, Death or Disability. 
It Makes Money Available to Pay Your Mortgage Payments and Other Expenses.
 Maintain the Lifestyle that You have Sacrificed and Worked so Hard to Attain!

BUT, What if Something Happens to You and/or Your Spouse – Your Partner?
Can You, Your Family/Partner Still Pay the Mortgage, the Bills?
More families Lose their Homes when the Mortgage Payer Passes Away
than from Foreclosure due to Fire and other Catastrophes.

GREAT NEWS for Individuals Under Age 65

There will be more health insurance companies available during the 2020 Open Enrollment for Medical Insurance.

BETTER NEWS is that Insurance Companies may be OFFERING LOWER RATES and NEW PLANS for 2020!